TePe Lingual Ortho Brush


  • Innovative angle for excellent re…
  • Small brush head for precision…


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With braces, good oral hygiene is even more important. Plaque quickly builds up around brackets, bands and wires.

To prevent gum disease and cavities, you need to clean both your teeth and braces properly. Cleaning with a regular toothbrush is not enough – you often need an extra cleaning device. Your dentist/orthodontic assistant can guide you to suitable products for orthodontic care and show you how to use them. If you have removable braces, make sure to brush them too, using a toothbrush and water.

The unique, angled neck of Lingual Ortho Brush enables easy access to the lingual surfaces. A small brush head with long filaments facilitates reach under the appliance. The slim shape of the brush head facilitates cleaning even in very narrow areas. Soft, end-rounded filaments ensure gentle cleaning.

Innovative angle for excellent reach
Small brush head for precision cleaning
Bendable neck
Made in Sweden, in conjunction with experts

Raw materials used:
Handle: Polypropylene (PP)
Filaments: Polyamide (PA)

Neck Can be angled after heating

Autoclave High pressure, 135 °C

Clean inside and hard-to-reach areas of the lingual appliance with the TePe Lingual Ortho brush. Hold the brush to reach the inner side of appliance. Move the brush gently back and forth along and around the appliance.

1. For cleaning lingual orthodontic appliances

– Innovative Brush with a unique angle which makes it easier to clean lingual appliances from the inside and other hard-to-reach areas
– Extra slim Brush head reaches even very narrow areas
– Great for back surfaces of the bottom front teeth
– Long, soft, rounded bristles ensure gentle cleaning


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