Micro Mega Masserann Complete Kit


  • Perforation is more precise and easier
  • Less painful


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The well established Masserann technique for the removal of metal fragments (posts, burs etc.) from root canals is based on the
principle of freeing the obstruction around its periphery. One of its many advantages is that the fragment is removed quickly with
minimal loss of substance and without the danger of pushing it further into the canal.

Key Specifications

  • Perforation is more precise and easier
  • Less painful
  • More rapid injection
  • Safety and Comfort

Tech Info

Owing to its design, the LigaJect® dosing lever requires 10 times less pressure and uses 10 times less anaesthetic than any other type of syringe.

With its carefully designed ergonomics, the LigaJect® dosing lever has a very natural action and ensures gradual, controlled diffusion of the anaesthetic.
No overdosing, so that the patient is numbed for a shorter period.

Practitioner comfort

The LigaJect® design optimises positioning the needle, injecting and dosing: pen shaped with an angled tip and ergonomic dosing lever. The flow of anaesthetic
can be monitored through the window on the side.

Patient comfort
With the 45° angle, perforation is more precise and easier.
Less painful, more rapid injection.


Micro-Mega Ligaject Metric


Micro-Mega Ligajet Inch



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